16 julio 2010

Binnacle of Chicago II

Daily (July 9)

- We waked up early and go to take the breakfast. The plan will consist in go to the zoo and to the game of the withe sox.
- At ten o´clock go out to the zoo and returned at three in the evening. I don´t like the zoo very much, but I intented to go and fun myself. We coudnt seen many animals, i think that the heat and the sun don´t avoid the animals show itself.
- When we back I eat a salad and fruit, take a nap and eat again. Next go to the cellular fied, home of the Chicago Withe Sox, my favorite baseball team.
- That was my first baseball MLB game, never before I have been in a oficial baseball game. It was an espectacular exibition of the sox taht win 8 to 2 for the Kansas City Royals. In the Field had pirotecnias fires, I want to buy a Black jersey of the Withe Sox.
- When we are returning in the train, three persons discuss about the best team in Chicago, and one lady at my right side has been very drunk, I want to help her, but I coudn´t, she said “I´m find”, but she has very drunk.
- When we finally come to the Fullerton station, I decided to go to the room, and the others teachers go to dinner.

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