18 julio 2010

Daily (July 18)

- I had the intention of lost in Chicago, an d I obtein it. I drew up my objective: the Humboldt Park, and I found it. Walk around of 12 kilometers and sweats two liters, but I could found it, alter three hours… The place not surprising me, but isn´t ugly.
- The clouds move quikly and rained whit Sorong for fiveteen minutes, time sufficient to finish soaked. I need to walk because the bus didn´t appear, finally pass one and run venid it, and get on until Fullerton.
- Get off in the foot locker shop, next to the Old Navy, for suplies my shoes, but I didn´t found it.
- The rest of the day I will read and write

Daily IV

Daily (July 17)

- Today I have two unfruitful strolls: first, I go with tha Bato to remove money from the teller and later he accompanied to me to search the museum of contemporary photography, we gave two returns before finding the Entrance. It was closed. Second, Bato accompanied me to search the restaurant Hot Doug´s, everything went well until the driver of the truck said to us: “this is the final station”. Then we walk near of two kilometers to the north, but not find the place, we returned and find them in the same place that the bus get off. It was closed. Bato wanted to kill to me.

17 julio 2010

Daily (July 16)

- I Waked up very late, at ten o´clock, we must meet Chris at eleven thirty by go to the central campus of DePaul university for lunch with the director.

- We arrived to the administration building of DePaul university at twelve o´clock and get on in the elevador until the twenty-two floor. There hoped to us the director, Rafaela, Katie and the group of teachers that travel to Mexico Turing three weeks for make the same that us (but in spanish).
- The lunch was very bad.
- We interchanged experiences with the other group, we had a pretty coexistence with the americans who tried to speak spanish and the mexican that we tried to speak in english.
- We crossed until the Grand street and we entered fanshop where I bought the black jersey of the Chicago White Sox.
- We returned to the dinner, at five o´clock, and I stay all the evening chatting with my girlfriend and uploading text and photos in my blog.

binnacle of Chicago III

Daily (July 15)

- I visited the Navy Pier, it was very lonely, but I find a fanshop and buy a Black jersey of the Chicago Withe Sox.
- Later I meet whit Alonso and Chris in the SAC clasroom, up over the train and pick up to Arturo in the other campus of the University De Paul. Then we take a bus (that late near of 30 minutes in arriving) for pass to buy books. We crossed three bookstores in three hours. I bought a book of Umberto Eco“Kant and the platypus”. Never in my life I have seen published that book in spanish, then I need to buy it.
- After the shopping we take a bus for return, but Arturo and I get off and we enter to the Art institute of Chicago, where there was an impresionist picture exhibition.
- Finally I returned for the room and the teachers invited me to drink beer in the bar.

16 julio 2010

The things that you can find in other countries

Daily (July 14)

- We had class and discuss about the paper of the proffesor and the vocational crisis, alter the duscuss had other sesion about the new technology Tools in the Internet. We discovered web pages as: Audacity, proyect Tomorrow, Voice Thread, Prezi Viddler hmong others.
- The two Enriques and I go to the Marshall´s shop, and Shopping for more than three hours; later, eat our lunch and I returned to my room for work and write.

Daily (July 13)

- Today we visit the public primary school of Altcott and we are talking about the problems in the teachers vocation with the professors of this place. The problems are similar in Mexico.
- After lunch, I was going whit Enrique´s to the Museum of Contemporary Art… I like many Works, especially the play with two Earth knolls.
- We return for the dinner in the cafeteria, after walk around the Water Tower Palace and see expensive cars and the Mike Ditka´s restaurant.

Binnacle of Chicago II

Daily (July 9)

- We waked up early and go to take the breakfast. The plan will consist in go to the zoo and to the game of the withe sox.
- At ten o´clock go out to the zoo and returned at three in the evening. I don´t like the zoo very much, but I intented to go and fun myself. We coudnt seen many animals, i think that the heat and the sun don´t avoid the animals show itself.
- When we back I eat a salad and fruit, take a nap and eat again. Next go to the cellular fied, home of the Chicago Withe Sox, my favorite baseball team.
- That was my first baseball MLB game, never before I have been in a oficial baseball game. It was an espectacular exibition of the sox taht win 8 to 2 for the Kansas City Royals. In the Field had pirotecnias fires, I want to buy a Black jersey of the Withe Sox.
- When we are returning in the train, three persons discuss about the best team in Chicago, and one lady at my right side has been very drunk, I want to help her, but I coudn´t, she said “I´m find”, but she has very drunk.
- When we finally come to the Fullerton station, I decided to go to the room, and the others teachers go to dinner.

binnacle in Chicago

In the next post, will be commented the travel in the windy city. This project has resulted in a great personal experience.

Daily (July 7)
- We wake up early at seven o´clock.
- Take the breakfast and finish the lecture for the class.
- I have te oportunity to speak more time in english. I feel better. I have an special class tomorrow. Chris an Katie gave us a videocamara with a USB port for record our special classes, i want one, i will returned this.
- Finish the class and the teachers go to the dining room and later to a pub by take a drinks and watch the soccer. I prefered to make my homework and later to reach them in the pub.
- Bad news, Spain won the game. I hope that Netherlan will win the next sunday night.
- Back to the homework… Take a new about a concert in the Milenium Park and a great eyeball near there.
- I go to the dining room and later to the MP, but i lost myself in the way, take other line, later change direction but again i was wrong about the direction. Finaly take again in the other direction until Adams/Jackson station. When i go out to the station, the rain heat and hit with sotrong, here is the eyeball but i cant to aproach four the fault of the rain.
- I entered into a Barnes & nobel and buy a sagmeister book.
- Finally when i left the bookstore, take the photos to the eyeball and return to my room.