16 julio 2010

binnacle in Chicago

In the next post, will be commented the travel in the windy city. This project has resulted in a great personal experience.

Daily (July 7)
- We wake up early at seven o´clock.
- Take the breakfast and finish the lecture for the class.
- I have te oportunity to speak more time in english. I feel better. I have an special class tomorrow. Chris an Katie gave us a videocamara with a USB port for record our special classes, i want one, i will returned this.
- Finish the class and the teachers go to the dining room and later to a pub by take a drinks and watch the soccer. I prefered to make my homework and later to reach them in the pub.
- Bad news, Spain won the game. I hope that Netherlan will win the next sunday night.
- Back to the homework… Take a new about a concert in the Milenium Park and a great eyeball near there.
- I go to the dining room and later to the MP, but i lost myself in the way, take other line, later change direction but again i was wrong about the direction. Finaly take again in the other direction until Adams/Jackson station. When i go out to the station, the rain heat and hit with sotrong, here is the eyeball but i cant to aproach four the fault of the rain.
- I entered into a Barnes & nobel and buy a sagmeister book.
- Finally when i left the bookstore, take the photos to the eyeball and return to my room.

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