17 julio 2010

binnacle of Chicago III

Daily (July 15)

- I visited the Navy Pier, it was very lonely, but I find a fanshop and buy a Black jersey of the Chicago Withe Sox.
- Later I meet whit Alonso and Chris in the SAC clasroom, up over the train and pick up to Arturo in the other campus of the University De Paul. Then we take a bus (that late near of 30 minutes in arriving) for pass to buy books. We crossed three bookstores in three hours. I bought a book of Umberto Eco“Kant and the platypus”. Never in my life I have seen published that book in spanish, then I need to buy it.
- After the shopping we take a bus for return, but Arturo and I get off and we enter to the Art institute of Chicago, where there was an impresionist picture exhibition.
- Finally I returned for the room and the teachers invited me to drink beer in the bar.

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