18 julio 2010

Daily IV

Daily (July 17)

- Today I have two unfruitful strolls: first, I go with tha Bato to remove money from the teller and later he accompanied to me to search the museum of contemporary photography, we gave two returns before finding the Entrance. It was closed. Second, Bato accompanied me to search the restaurant Hot Doug´s, everything went well until the driver of the truck said to us: “this is the final station”. Then we walk near of two kilometers to the north, but not find the place, we returned and find them in the same place that the bus get off. It was closed. Bato wanted to kill to me.

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Falma Telemna dijo...

uupss sorry honey!!
By the way the servie hours are: from monday to saturday from 10.30 to 4.00 pm maybe there was the problem.

And about Burt's place, wich is a deep-dish pizza place, the hours are really weird:
Wed-Fri 11am - 1:30pm
Wed-Thu,Sun 4:30pm - 9pm
Fri-Sat 4:30pm - 10pm

And here is alink so you can get near the place...