17 julio 2010

Daily (July 16)

- I Waked up very late, at ten o´clock, we must meet Chris at eleven thirty by go to the central campus of DePaul university for lunch with the director.

- We arrived to the administration building of DePaul university at twelve o´clock and get on in the elevador until the twenty-two floor. There hoped to us the director, Rafaela, Katie and the group of teachers that travel to Mexico Turing three weeks for make the same that us (but in spanish).
- The lunch was very bad.
- We interchanged experiences with the other group, we had a pretty coexistence with the americans who tried to speak spanish and the mexican that we tried to speak in english.
- We crossed until the Grand street and we entered fanshop where I bought the black jersey of the Chicago White Sox.
- We returned to the dinner, at five o´clock, and I stay all the evening chatting with my girlfriend and uploading text and photos in my blog.

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